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ella la la la .... la. *


- Name: ella
- NickName: elle
-Age: 16
- Where ya live? maine
- Music Taste: bury your fucking dead, american nightmare, cursive, circle takes the square, taking back sunday, norma jean, until sundown, sahara hotnights, the black dahlia murder, fiona apple, shia hulud, the sounds, zao, thursday, the start, custom, les savy fav, le tigre, greenwheel, ok go, jack johnson, the postal service, jason mraz, the mars volta, the bled, rainer maria, on broken wings, ani difranco, interpol, horse the band, dillinger escape plan, locust, modest mouse, longwave, bright eyes, breaking benjamin, third eye blind, converge, counting crows, moneen, anal cunt
indie, hardcore, emo, folk, metal, rock, screamo
- Fav. Store(s): urban outfitters, thrift stores, forever 21 and i also make some of my own clothes.
- Fav.Color(s): green and blue.
- Why do you think your going to be accepted? im cute, i listen to good music, and i can probably hold more alcohol than you can. oh im polish. bitch.


funny faces are key.
as well as friends.

uhhh. it said a clothes shot? haha.

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