my application.

- Name: Jenna
- NickName: Jen, Emo, Chet, GIRL!, the little one, the wee one... mmm
-Age: 19
- Where ya live? new jersey!
- Music Taste: hardcore, emo, indie, screamo, folk, emocore and lots of the locals.
- Fav. Store(s): handmade, and H+M
- Fav.Color(s): black, grey, white, red
- Why do you think your going to be accepted? i am a cool person i have lots ot offer this community. i would love to share my poetry, photos, art work, and many many other fantastic aspects of myself. Sharing them with others makes it so much more fun then keeping it to myself. thank you for taking the time out to review my application. have a wonderful nite....

p.s. im sorry i did not post this with my pictures.