_X1901 (_stereophonics) wrote in fist_toface,

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- Name: Jennifer
- NickName: Jen
-Age: 16
- Where ya live? Brandon [BFunk], FL
- Music Taste: bright eyes, yo la tengo, the faint, mar, azure ray, pink floyd, led zeppelin, pulp, copeland, the smiths, mazzy star, slater-kinney, tsunami bomb, elliot smith, bikini kill, denali, cursive, elvis costello, les savy fav, le tigre, ben folds[five]
- Fav. Store(s): forever 21, michaels, vinyl fever, sound exchange, jcpenny, journeys, goodwill, salvation army
- Fav.Color(s): brown & green
- Why do you think your going to be accepted? because miguel [grimshadow] is my hot momma

title or description

title or description
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