____le_bangbang (____le_bangbang) wrote in fist_toface,


- Name: lauren.
- NickName: peanut, lu, pippi.
-Age: 16 in 11 days.
- Where ya live? the mitten state.
- Music Taste: bands i like: brand new, jets to brazil, hefner, death cab for cutie, the postal service, bright eyes, midtown, the pop project, the mars volta, taking back sunday, saves the day, john mayer, HUM, smashing pumpkins, pearljam, dragon ash, bedford drive, alkaline trio, thrice, thursday, outkast, sigur ros, cursive, no knife, moneen, modest mouse, the white stripes, dashboard confessional, blink-182, suicide machines, small brown bike, mustardplug, catch 22, ill mich, reggie and the fulleffect, okgo, the strokes, hot hot heat, weezer, radiohead, the dandy warhols, pretty girls make graves, hey mercedes, the get up kids, at the drive in, basement jaxx, the pixies, beck, ettison clio, grandaddy, home grown, mùm, piebald, q and not u, the transplants, ugly cassanova, xiu xiu, the anniversary, sullivan, phantom planet, from autumn to ashes.
- Fav. Store(s): thrift stores, forever 21, wetseal, american eagle, urban outfitters.
- Fav.Color(s): weezer green, pink.
- Why do you think your going to be accepted? because i'll contribute a lot to the community. i'll post a lot of lyrics, pictures, etc.


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