____le_bangbang (____le_bangbang) wrote in fist_toface,


me faking pain with a toy clipped on my lip. aren't i ugly here?

me with my biggest eyes i could possibly muster looking at a completed rubix cube.

me being hot. haha.

"hello? k-swiss, you there?"

my feet wearing the shoes from japan that my brother brought back.

my silver tiffany & co. bracelet my brother got me for my birthday.

same as above.

my mum and dad got me diamond earrings, one is pictured in my ear here.

my new boyfriend. <3

aren't we cute together?

and...............here is something i just thought i'd throw in:

this is me last may. on the left is one of my worst enemies. she helped to break this boy sonny and i up. and on the right is me, with red hair, and IN A BATHING SUIT. me in a bathing suit is rare. I HATE MY BODY.

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