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- Name: ella
- NickName: elle
-Age: 16
- Where ya live? maine
- Music Taste: variety is the keyCollapse )indie, hardcore, emo, folk, metal, rock, screamo
- Fav. Store(s): urban outfitters, thrift stores, forever 21 and i also make some of my own clothes.
- Fav.Color(s): green and blue.
- Why do you think your going to be accepted? im cute, i listen to good music, and i can probably hold more alcohol than you can. oh im polish. bitch.

some of them are bigCollapse )



name:airika elek
nickname: nark
where i live:ontario canada
fav music:read my profile
fav stores: uhh bluenotes,value village,west49 ,
merch stands
fav color:purple
i think i should be accpeted because its not nice to disclude people from groups, i consider myself tons of fun and sometimes im so emo its disgusting
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so i went through and stamped everyone since miguel hadnt done it. i'll just make that my job. if after a week or so, not everyone has voted, i'll stamp based on the votes that were recieved.

we need to promote the fuck out of this community. its already pretty much dead. revive it!

make all your friends join.
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i so hate kat!
i changed my mind like 2.1 minutes ago.. shes a slut!!
and i no longer love her like whoa.. WAIT i mean lyke whoa!!
i hope the people from the insane asylum comes and gets you!!
then eats your brain!!
its true...


i dont want to have your babies either!!
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